Specially four seasons in Tanesashi offer us a great time and space.  In summer, a never-ending green grass hold you warmly within blue sky and blue ocean.  In winter,  very white snow covers nature grass area, then you see huge white carpets with no hootsteps anywhere.  You might feel like being invited to the brand-new land. 
You enjoy local foods like fresh seafood which are raised in these Nature.  With along the delicious foods, you can also enjoy some activities such as trekking, cycling, yoga, and kayaking.  Finally your physical condition and mind are completely satisfied.  


Tour desk at Tanesashi Coast Information Centre offer the services that concierge coordinate your own travel style.  Just tell us “what you want”, “what you want to eat”, “what you want to experience”.  We also produce many original tour experiences with local people and food.  Just stop by and say “Hello”.


We have many Tanesashi-specific travel plans unique to Tanesashi.  We are very happy to offer you experienced-based local tours, as a half day trip, one day trip, and one night two days trip and so on.  You can get your own original trip.


Hachinohe is located in the southeastern part of Aomori prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, the city has prospered as the center of the Nanbu region, which includes the northern part of Iwate prefecture. Hachinohe continues to grow as one of Japan’s main sources of freshly-caught seafood as well as one of Tohoku’s main centers of industry, while the beautiful natural scenery of the Tanesashi Coast is not far from the city center. A major attraction of Hachinohe is this combination of fisheries, industry and nature within a small area.