I place "the concierge of the trip"

I put it in Tanesashikaigan information center

①I enable the guidance of the trail course in accord with a guidebook, tour desk setting needs, the assembling of the sightseeing product including the experience-based program. I send tight information to the area more, and the possible staff for English is resident as a local guide. I plan bottom up through a seminar for companies, an experience-based program to raise awareness for the visitor acceptance of local inhabitants and plan the increase of the repeater.
②Guidance of the ii. public transport to perform the reporting such as the guidance (I will examine the language correspondence except English in future) i. accommodations for English, an experience-based tour, means of transportation in English
→I give information about the usage of the public transport such as how to get on and a route, a platform about public transport without notation only in Japanese.

Concierge of the trip

Tour Program