BBQ Program in Tanesashi!

At a camping site on a vast grass area in the “Sanriku Reconstruction National Park”. Enjoy a barbecue with a long horizon to sight. Please spend each way of enjoyment.
"OK by hand - OK to bring in - Cleaning is unnecessary."
We are preparing everything from fixtures to ingredients,
 so please feel free to use it. It can be used up to 3 hours.
TIME: 10:00~17:00 
PLACE:Tanesashi Campsite     




Breakfast  at Tanesashi Coastal Grass Area Park!

Tanesashi Coast where Hachinohe city,
Aomori has vast lawn in the national park,
The horizon which continues lengthily. 
Get an early start to your day and enjoy sunrise at the beachside park
while you enjoy a delicious breakfast made with local ingredients. 




Breakfast  at “Tanesashi” Coastal grass area Park
and Trekking the “Michinoku Sea Breeze Trail

In the natural lawn area inside the “Sanriku Reconstruction National Park”,
eat luxurious breakfast with plenty of local ingredients
while feeling the leisurely tide scent (about 2 hours).
After that, we will trek through the park for about an hourwith a guide guide.
It is a 5 hour course.
Please participate with easy walking shoes.
TIME: 8:00~11:00 
PLACE: Tanesashi Coast      



Breakfast and Yoga at the Tanesashi natural grass area park

In the natural grass area inside the “Sanriku Reconstruction National Park”,
feel the seabreeze and relax in yoga.
Enjoy breakfast with plenty of local ingredients while feeling the leisurely tide scent after practicing yoga.
TIME: 7:00~10:00  




“Sanriku Reconstruction National Park”
    trekking and fisherman's lunch

A guided tour of this “Sanriku Reconstruction National Park” on foot and by bus. Trekking 2.5hours around the park with breeding grounds of seagulls,
a historic observatory and a sandy beach.
For lunch, look forward to fisherman’s hotpot using local seafood.
Total 5 hours tour. Please come with comfortable walking shoes.
TIME: 10:00~15:00 
PLACE:Tanesashi Coast 




Prime Barbecue at the Tanesashi Coast at Night

The fishermen bring the Tanesahi-specific seafood directly to the event site from Tanesashi Fishing Port in the morning of that day. In the night sea breeze,
it’s a wonderful healing space surrounded by the sound of waves.
You are illuminated with a flame of campfire and sit around the fresh seafood.
Your special time is flowing without notice.
PLACE:Tanesashi Campsite




Starry sky watching in Tanesashi Coast at night

In the sleeping bag, you enjoy stellar observation insouciantly with a glass of mulled wine in one hand. When you look up in darkness,
you may feel as if the shinning stars fall down on you.
You might be able to see the shooting star at the night sky.
PLACE:Tanesashi Campsite




Prime Barbecue and Starry sky watching in Tanesashi Coast at night

The  fresh sea food from the Tanesashi fishing port is brought in directly by the fisherman. A sea breeze, a sound of surf, and the night lit up by a flame of a campfire make you feel relax.
Enjoy delicious food from sea in the best scenery.
AfterBBQ,enjoy watching the sky filled with stars,in a sleeping bag on the natural grass area.
Possibly you may see a shooting star.
TIME: 18:00~21:00 
PLACE: Tanesashi Campsite




Yoga  at Tanesashi Coastal Grass Area Park!

The Tanesashi Coast of Hachinohe-city takes proud of its beautiful scenery of the world. Take a deep breath in the natural grass, feeling fresh breeze and surf from the ocean.
That makes you to be pure in mind and body.
After yoga, you will have a delicious breakfast at The special area of the natural grass area. Bread, smoothie, and fruits are prepared with the regional fresh food of Tanesashi.
Enjoy graceful time.
PLACE:Tanesashi Coast




Fisherman’s lunch at Tanesashi fishing port

Enjoy One-pot dish of fresh seafood in the season cooked by the fishermen at the port.
You will be surprised by the taste of fresh seafood.
Enjoy the conversation with the local fishermen.
PLACE:Tanesashi Fishing Port




Tanesashi coast cycling and Fisherman's lunch

Cycling for about 3 hours round trip with guide while enjoying landscapes that change one by one in the majestic nature of “Tanesashi coast” in “Sanriku Reconstruction National Park”.
After that, we enjoy a fisherman's stew using local fresh seafood at the species difference fishing port. It is a 4.5 hour course.
Please participate in easy-to-wear clothes.
TIME: 10:00~14:30 (From May to October) 




Breakfast  at TanesashiCoastal grass area Park and cycling

In the natural grass area inside the “Sanriku Reconstruction National Park”,
eat luxurious breakfast with plenty of local ingredients while feeling the leisurely tide scent (about 2 hours).
After that, we will cycling for about an hour with a guide, while enjoying the scenery that changes one after another, in the majestic nature of “Tanesashi” coast.
It is a three hour course.
Please participate with easy walking shoes.
TIME: 8:00~11:00 (From May to October)  




Michinoku Sea Breeze Trail Trekking

Let’s walk around along “Michinoku Sea Breeze Trail” with a guide, which is connecting to Souma in Fukushima Prefecture.
At Kabushima island,you will see the Black-tailed gull practicing taking off.
At Ashigezaki observatory, you will feel being at an old castle.
At Osuka beach, enjoy a grand view of the Pacific Ocean.
Work the five senses of yours.
PLACE:Tanesashi Coast




Sea Urchin catching at Tanesashi coast

We head for a definitely good fishing spot by a fishing boat. Actually,it’s very difficult to meet good catching. But you will be into the sea urchin catching.
You may feel sorry towards the “marine creatures” you caught, but they are excellen!
You can experience the importance of the gifts from the sea.
TIME: 9:00~10:30 (Summer) 
PLACE:TanesashiFishing port     

Fresh Seafood Cuisine Tour

Go to the fishing port early in the morning and pick up fresh seafood you like.
At night, they are cooked and served at the local French restaurant.
Enjoy the special dinner for you.
TIME:6:00~7:00 (at the Fishing Port)
          18:00~19:00 (at the Restaurant)
PLACE:Tanesashi Fishing port   




SameTown☆Fishermen’s “Shelter”!! Bar-hopping tour

Hachinohe is a city which "began with the sea and has developed with the sea.
“ Same Fishing Port has been designated as a national commercial port and developed.
Nowadays, the area has been declined, but there are still some local bars near the port and they have old maritime atmosphere.
TIME: 17:45~22:00




Good Morning MUTSUMINATO Market Tour

Touch seafood fresh from the sea, and feel the lively atmosphere of Hachinohe.
What makes this market unique is that the women called “Isaba no Kaccha”, which means “mothers at the fish market”.
You will gain your energy by the face-to-face selling and the energetic call out of the shop owners, enjoying the communication with them, having breakfast of fresh fish at the market.




Bar hopping with Local food at side streets in Downtown

I will show you the guidance to the shops in the wells that you know because you are a locals, and the shops and popular shops that are hard to enter by themselves.
We visit shops unique to Hachinohe who stick to local ingredients.
Since the guide accompanies it, you do not need to worry about words.
TIME: 17:30~21:00
PRICE:6,800yen~(with personal carry in)




TipsyTour! Houseboat&Sake Brewery

You can enjoy a sake tasting that is particular about local water and rice.
You get your favorite sake and you can to go to houseboat. Also from a houseboat.
You can see the night view of Hachinohe and the  light up of the Seagull Bridge.
From river to sea.
The view from the sea will change from  one  moment to the next.
Let’s enjoy the big drinking party on the houseboat.
TIME: 17:30~20:00
PRICE:6,500yen~(with personal carry in)