①I perform information dispatch for inside and outside the country in information dispatch ..., SNS and open a window of the reporting.
②I plan the convenience improvement of the foreign tourist by the brochure making in English, the simplified Chinese characters such as improvement ..., the one coin bus of the access. In addition, I push forward the handbill of the specific difference shore sight-seeing bus, broadcast in the car, the English correspondence of the indication board.
③There is it around improvement ..., the national park of the satisfaction, repeat rate, and making installs the English version such as the menus of an introduction document of the shark bull's-eye level that Hachinohe-shi enforces free, opening it to the public and the restaurant in the area.
④I plan the interchange only in street-credibility ..., the hometown and develop a re-treat program to have you be healthier. I push forward development of new health tourism using the local resources in the specific difference shore.
⑤When cooperation ..., Aomori with the inside and outside the country major company agent goes to the inside and outside the country for agent sales, I have you introduce me as contents and have you incorporate it in FAM tour.
◆Kongo Syokudo  

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◆Matsuya Syokudo 

◆Minsyuku Ishibashi 

◆Minsyuku Shiho 
◆Samekado Light house 


◆Tanesashi coast Sightseeing Bus Service 

◆Tanesashi kaigan Campground 

◆Umi Cafe Tanesashi 


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