National park Enjoyment Project

Sanriku Fukko National park Tnanesashi coast Visit foreigner satisfaction up Project

In Ministry of the Environment, I wrestle for "a national park enjoyment project" for planning branding as "a national park" of the world standard in a national park of Japan based on "a sightseeing vision supporting tomorrow's Japan" which the government gathered in March, 2016. 
This time eight national parks (Mashuu, Akan, Towada Hachimantai, sunlight, Shima, Ise, Daisen Oki, Aso, Gulf of Kinko, Kirishima, Kerama Islands:) that wrestle for leading by the project I carry out "national park enjoyment project development business" to present result and knowledge of precedence 8 Park) as follows in other national parks.
This time it is chosen by 10 adoption groups and progresses to develop business to plan improvement of the quality of expansion and the use of the in bound in cooperation with Ministry of the Environment in Sanriku revival national park.
I push forward unusual community improvement to be able to plan the differentiation with other areas in our group and plan local branding.
I make use of the potence that the tourist attractions of the Tohoku district have to the maximum and it can become the hook of the visit to Japan foreigner and installs (local Blanding). I plan the consciousness improvement of local inhabitants by an area being moistened and maintain the continuous enforcement system and plan consciousness improvement to natural maintenance activity.

Our action

1.Development of the program

①Aomori particularly the prefecture south has not yet come by information dispatch by charm enough. I carry out the making of product and promotion to have a clear image last what you can experience if I go to the place at what kind of time.
②Commodification of the program
Do not send material, and area resources be accompanied with added value, and make an unusual experience-based program; is promotion in them. I let you image how to spend in a concrete national park.
Not only I go round the tourist facilities, but also, with the improvement of acceptance system and the concrete information dispatch, merely plan inside and outside the country tourist acceptance mainly on tour development mentioned for culture and the living only in this area.
③Sale tool
I analyze the taste according to the country and send sightseeing contents to the market which I want to send directly.
Because the product for foreign countries has many net searches, I plan HP, improvement of dispatch in SNS.
In addition, by the cooperation with the overseas agent, I plan attracting tourist.

2.I place "the concierge of the trip"

①I enable the guidance of the trail course in accord with a guidebook, tour desk setting needs, the assembling of the sightseeing product including the experience-based program. I send tight information to the area more, and the possible staff for English is resident as a local guide. I plan bottom up through a seminar for companies, an experience-based program to raise awareness for the visitor acceptance of local inhabitants and plan the increase of the repeater.
②Guidance of the ii. public transport to perform the reporting such as the guidance (I will examine the language correspondence except English in future) i. accommodations for English, an experience-based tour, means of transportation in English
→I give information about the usage of the public transport such as how to get on and a route, a platform about public transport without notation only in Japanese.


①I perform information dispatch for inside and outside the country in information dispatch ..., SNS and open a window of the reporting.
②I plan the convenience improvement of the foreign tourist by the brochure making in English, the simplified Chinese characters such as improvement ..., the one coin bus of the access. In addition, I push forward the handbill of the specific difference shore sight-seeing bus, broadcast in the car, the English correspondence of the indication board.
③There is it around improvement ..., the national park of the satisfaction, repeat rate, and making installs the English version such as the menus of an introduction document of the shark bull's-eye level that Hachinohe-shi enforces free, opening it to the public and the restaurant in the area.
④I plan the interchange only in street-credibility ..., the hometown and develop a re-treat program to have you be healthier. I push forward development of new health tourism using the local resources in the specific difference shore.
⑤When cooperation ..., Aomori with the inside and outside the country major company agent goes to the inside and outside the country for agent sales, I have you introduce me as contents and have you incorporate it in FAM tour.

Concierge of the trip

Tour Program